Do charity through Uber Eats

1. Uber Eats waiving delivery fees for local restaurants during the coronavirus outbreak
2. It supports local restaurants, businesses
3. It support local Uber drivers
4. Do charity work!

Non-surgical mask in Los Angeles

Since the mayor of Los Angeles has mandated to wear non-surgical mask in public, we need to have more inventory of such mask.

Local food delivery

How can we reduce the delivery cost and increase the volume? We need to think how to support local businesses.

Residential disinfectant spray

It’s very common in South Korea spraying the public area with either disinfectant or 70% isopropyl alcohol. Maybe, we can introduce it to residential market in the US.

Grocery delivery for seniors

Since they are not tech-savvy, it is an opportunity to help senior citizens doing groceries. This will minimize their exposure to the virus.